Bukonola Ngobi (Bukky) is KDI's urban design coordinator. Bukky joined KDI having qualified in B. A. Architecturial studies, M.A. Urban Design, MSC International Planning and Development . Her interest in different scales of design led her to work at a commercial architecture firm, an interior design practice and a furniture making company before volunteering at KDI and eventually working at the organisation. Bukky is interested in the role that designers play in creating more socially-inclusive cities and has a passion for placemaking and learning how public spaces can be used to make better cities with distinct and unique characters whilst expanding the freedoms of city dwellers. In her role at KDI she is responsible for developing and leading the participatory design and planning process, developing design workshops and figuring out how to translate community desires into design solutions.She has experience carrying out action-research with community partners and as an urban design activist she is reponsible for KDI's advocacy work in Nairobi. In the two and half years she has worked at KDI she has also been developing an expertise in urban agriculture in informal settlements.