Jesus Porras joined KDI with international experience in architecture, adobe construction, sustainable architecture and natural construction. As the Architectural Design Coordinator, Jesus constantly explores natural architecture and sustainable building. Jesús has won a number of awards, including 'IX Latin American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism for 'Santa Elena de Piedritas' School Project' (Peru, 2014); Gujarat Council Best Educational Building (India, 2012); and recognition in 'ArchitectMagazine' for Patangyu School Project (India, 2015). His work has also been featured in public cations for Patangyu School Project in 'ArchitectMagazine' (India) and for SODAE House Project in 'Architectuur in Nederland' (The Netherlands, 2010). In his spare time, Jesus studies Swahili and explores Nairobi on his black mamba bicycle.