Watsan Portal: Kibera

WATSAN Portal: Kibera is an innovative, online mapping and decision-making tool that enables community groups, nongovernmental organizations, and government agencies to rapidly and efficiently launch high-quality water and sanitation projects in the Kibera slum of Nairobi. The project has been been piloted in two villages in Kibera, covering a total of 100,000 residents, in a partnership led by Kounkuey Design Initiative, Spatial Collective and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC).

The development of the Portal's functions and user-experience was based on in-depth consultation with NCWSC, NGOs, CBOs, and community partners. In total over 51 individuals from 33 organizations were represented through 33 individual consultations and 9 formal, group workshops. We now propose to further develop and extend the Portal, drawing on the positive response to the pilot from project partners and users.

In particular, this programme proposes to broaden the geographic scope of the tool to the whole of Kibera, refine its functionality, and support the take-up and institutionalization of the programme by NCWSC. In doing so the programme will address the following needs:

1. The need of SSPs for simple information on the physical viability and the cost of making a water or sewerage connection
2. The need of SSPs for clear information on the process to obtain formal approval for a connection
3. The need of SSPs for information about the suite of appropriate decentralized solutions where a municipal connection is not technically feasible.
4. The need of NCWSC to improve its capacity to manage an increase in projects and associated revenue

The webtool can be accessed at

Further information on the scaling of the tool can be found here.

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