We've launched a Coronavirus response program in the US and Kenya to help our community partners respond to the immediate and lasting effects of this pandemic.

In the US, we are:

  • Engaging residents in the Eastern Coachella Valley through Derribando Barreras ("breaking down barriers"), a virtual support group and live show where people share Covid19 advice, info, resources, Q+A, support, and tips for life under lockdown - all with a healthy dose of fun to keep spirits high
  • Providing stipends and support to a team of Community Ambassadors to connect vulnerable residents in the Eastern Coachella Valley to the information and resources they need
  • Distributing gift cards for groceries and other essentials to 4 families per week
  • Planning and designing adapted public spaces that facilitate safe, touch-free outdoor play as well as service delivery, such as food distribution and Covid19 testing
  • Advocating that government officials do all they can to support California's most vulnerable populations, such as the unhoused and those at risk of eviction
Preliminary designs for the "Play it Safe" Kit of Parts
In Kenya, we are:

  • Delivering Stay-at-Home support kits, including soap, hand sanitizer, kid's toys, art materials, and information to families across Kibera
  • Advocating for the government to adopt a human rights-based approach to curb the spread of Covid19 and to work with, not against, residents of informal settlements
  • Gathering data to understand the incidence and impacts of Coronavirus in Kibera - as well as the current rainy season - via remote phone surveys
  • Continuing to employ local community members for remote data collection and construction, following government directives and National Construction Authority guidance on site safety and practice for Covid19 
  • Supporting community partners from our DARAJA project as they share accessible information and advice on Covid19 via SMS
  • Working with government and community partners to secure access to clean, affordable, reliable water supply so residents can carry out basic hygiene measures
Distribution of Stay-at-Home kits

Our staff are working remotely wherever possible and all in-person engagements and travel have been canceled or postponed.

However, our commitment to our mission and community partners remains the same, and all staff are still available at the usual times:

  • Nairobi: 8am - 5pm EAT
  • Los Angeles and North Shore: 8.30am - 6pm PCT
  • Stockholm: 9am - 6pm CET
Please consider donating to our Covid19 emergency fund today. All of your gift will go toward supporting our community partners during and following this crisis.