Meeting at KPSP04

KPSP Leadership Academy

Interviewing community members to identify potential leaders

Training session

Meeting at KPSP04

KPSP Leadership Academy

KPSP Leadership Academy

KDI is partnering with local nonprofit Tabasamu Watoto Inclusive Centre to train a diverse group of community partners and thereby support the ongoing growth and impact of the KPSP network. The training will give participants the skills to organize and advocate for community-led change in partnership with a range of actors.


Listening session on KPSP network

As the tenth KPSP site moved into construction, KDI met community members to discuss how the entire network could be best maintained and expanded.

They highlighted the need for further leadership development in order to better collaborate with each other and the wider community and ensure the network’s sustained impact.


Interviews to nominate KPSP leaders

KDI visited the existing KPSP sites to identify potential community leaders, before conducting interviews.

26 community members committed to participate, and underwent an introductory training. Technical assistance is provided by Tabasamu Watoto Inclusive Centre, a community services and education provider that focuses on disability mainstreaming.


KPSP Leaders at a training session

The Leadership Academy is now in full swing, with participants learning how to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs, how to adopt a problem-solving mentality, and how to evaluate opportunities according to need, demand and potential.

Joe please provide more detail on the academy - who is designing and delivering the sessions? what else are they learning? what exactly is TWIC's role?


KPSP Leadership meeting. Photo: Minxfilms

Participants will become resourceful and respected community leaders, able to not only oversee the continued maintenance, activation and expansion of the KPSP network, but also wider community-based initiatives.

They will provide a critical point of contact for resident and government stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and effect positive change.