Kounkuey Design Initiative is a community development and design nonprofit. We partner with under-resourced communities to advance equity and activate the unrealized potential in their neighborhoods and cities.
Who we are
We are a team of landscape architects, urban planners, civil engineers, architects, community organizers, and researchers working around the world across four service areas.
Design + Build
We work with under-resourced communities to design and build "Productive Public Spaces", integrating basic infrastructure, open space, and programming to meet social, economic, and environmental needs.
Plan + Program
We help residents advance their long-term visions through transportation plans, master plans, neighborhood plans, regional plans, and resident-driven programs that generate income and activate our public spaces.
Research + Test
We fill clear gaps in knowledge and create a basis for effective and equitable development by working with communities and academic partners to design and deliver rigorous action research projects.
Advocate + Educate
We leverage our built work, networks, and research to shape policy alongside communities, governments, and universities while promoting community-driven design through teaching, talks, and publications.