What we do

design + build

We believe in the power of public space to create healthy, vibrant and prosperous communities.

KDI works with local residents to transform unsafe and under-used sites into “Productive Public Spaces." From permanent parks to temporary vacant lot activations, each space integrates key amenities such as community buildings, water and sanitation facilities, green infrastructure, and open spaces for recreation and exercise. We execute all phases of the design process.

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plan + program

We believe community-led planning is key to sustainable and equitable change.

We work with residents to create plans that advance their long-term visions for equitable communities. We help residents design and implement programming that generates income, energizes culture, builds community capacity, and brings our Productive Public Spaces to life for years to come.

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research + test

We believe in co-producing knowledge to catalyze social change.

Many of the places where we work lack adequate data, hindering policy makers and residents alike from making informed decisions about priority needs and effective solutions. We fill clear gaps in knowledge and create a basis for effective and equitable development by working with communities to design and deliver rigorous research projects and test innovative solutions to inequity and risk.

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advocate + educate

We believe community voices are crucial to advancing equity.

We leverage our built work, community networks, and research to shape policy and practice in partnership with residents, governments, agencies, and universities. We invest in the next generation of community-engaged designers, planners, and policy makers by writing, hosting students and emerging practitioners, teaching, lecturing, and giving talks around the world.

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