Open Data

Flood model developed for Building Urban Flood Resilience project with Buro Happold
Through years of community-engaged research, KDI has procured and developed a number of datasets relating to the Kibera neighbourhood in Nairobi.

We are starting to compile and share many of these to support other partners working actively for inclusive development within Kibera and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Please find linked here for starters:

Metadata for the above datasets is here.

The 2009 and 2015 datasets were commissioned and purchased by KDI in the course of our own historical project on Building Urban Flood Resilience.

The 2017 datasets were commissioned and purchased by Stockholm University and KDI in the course of our ongoing research project on Community Responsive Adaption.

We have an open license to use and share the above data and encourage others to do the same. We strongly encourage applications of the data that are in line with our mission of advancing equity and our commitment to resident-driven urban development, both in Nairobi and further afield.

We would appreciate that KDI is acknowledged in any applications or outputs developed using this data, and of course to be involved where we can be useful!

We will continue to share and update with further data from our various projects and will be adding them to this page.

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