Mapping community assets

Coachella Wellness Center

Community members select amenities

"Mobile research beacon" for community engagement

Mapping community assets

Coachella Wellness Center

coachella wellness center

KDI is working with the City of Coachella to develop a new Productive Public Space in the heart of the city. A flagship project for KDI and Coachella alike, the center will provide flexible spaces for recreation and fitness, office space for local nonprofits, and dedicated LGBTQ youth programming.


Original conditions at the site

Coachella residents face high poverty rates, poor educational attainment, and disproportionate health risks, with over 1 in 4 uninsured.

Soaring temperatures and a high pollution burden hinder active lifestyles. However, both City and community are keen to improve health and wellbeing through new open spaces and active transportation.


Mapping existing community assets

KDI has recruited a youth “Street Team” to engage residents and understand their vision for Coachella, where the center should be located, and what it should include.

Following this, KDI will work with residents to design the amenities and select programming, with a focus on the LGBTQ and nonprofit communities.


Some of the amenities residents want to see

Potentially as big as 40 acres, the site will include a youth center with programs for LGBTQ teens, and office spaces to house local nonprofits.

There will be multifunctional spaces for active recreation and fitness as well as new opportunities for healthy nutrition, education, social gathering, cultural exchange, and community activism.


The center will meet the needs of a broad range of community members

Like the community parks in North Shore and Oasis, the new Coachella Wellness Center will connect residents with each other and the wider valley.

It will promote civic participation, support a more vibrant local economy, and encourage healthier lifestyles – all of which are fundamental building blocks for a healthy community.