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Kibera Public Space Project 09: Gifted Hands School

KPSP09 in context

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Community workshop

Kibera Public Space Project 09: Gifted Hands School

kibera public space project 09

KDI is working with Gifted Hands to upgrade existing facilities through a staged investment model. Working from a masterplan developed in 2016, the new site will include a library and classrooms, sanitation facilities, and numerous green and blue infrastructure solutions to remediate the environment and create a productive learning space.


Existing conditions at the site

Gifted Hands School is situated along one of the polluted watercourses between Gatwekera and Kisumu Ndogo villages.

Founded in 2008, the school has approximately 250 students of all ages. The existing facilities are wholly inadequate for the current needs of students, and for the future aspirations of the school.


Workshop at Gifted Hands school

KDI worked with the school board, teachers and students to develop a masterplan for Gifted Hands, which will be known as KPSP09 once completed.

The plan is designed to allow staged investment, enabling the various pieces of the puzzle to be implemented one by one as funding is made available.


Section view of the school

Proposed developments for the school include classrooms, a library, a sanitation centre, a school kitchen, an administration block, and a central courtyard.

Rainwater harvesting, pervious paving, planted infiltration pits, a planted revetment, and tree planting will create a pleasant learning environment for the students that is protected from flooding.


Children at the existing Gifted Hands school

The improvements will build towards a safe, pleasant and coherent space that meets students’ learning needs while fostering a strong school identity and sense of pride.

The focus on green and blue infrastructure will help to remediate a particularly polluted watercourse for widespread impact across the settlement.